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Server Monitoring Probes

Server monitoring probes developed by the InterMapper User Community include:


Sasha Tchepourko at Griffith University created this probe to check for the number of AccessAccept, AccessReject, and DuplicateAccessRequest packets being processed by the RADIUS server.

IBM xSeries
Monitors IBM hardware by querying the Remote Supervisor Adapter (RSA-II) card installed in the server. (Note: You must configure SNMP and network settings on the RSA for your environment, and import the included rtrsaag.mib file into InterMapper in order to use this probe.

IBM Bladecenter
Monitors IBM hardware by querying the Bladecenter Management Module installed in Bladecenter. (Note: You must configure SNMP and network settings on the Bladecenter MM for your environment, and import the included mmblade.mib into InterMapper in order to use this probe.

Check for Heartbleed bug
Check Heartbleed probe that checks an SSL server to see if it is vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. Goes into Critical status if the device is vulnerable. Checks TLS v1, v2, and v3, and SSL v3.0.

Check SSL Certificate
The Check SSL Certificate probe for InterMapper will continually check a web server’s SSL certificate, and give you a warning when the expiration date is less than 30 days away, or go to critical when it’s less than 10 days away. The probe runs every six hours, so it won’t tax your server.

Red Hat Cluster Suite
Monitors the Red Hat Cluster Suite node/service/quorum status. (Note: You must follow the setup instructions in /usr/share/doc/cluster-snmp-/README.snmpd and import the included redhat-cluster-mib into InterMapper in order to use this probe.)

BlueCat Networks Adonis Server Probe
Monitors the current running status of the CommandServer, High Availability, DHCP, and DNS services, as well as polling for several DND server statistics.

HP Proliant Server Probe
Monitors the hardware status for CPU, memory, power supplies, ILM log, fans, temperature and local storage. Changes in hardware status will trigger probe status changes and notifications. It also provides informative tables showing the file system, HP agent software, firmware revisions and what's in the PCI slots.

Dell PowerEdge Server Probe
Polls the overall System Status values for the Global System, Chassis, Power, Cooling, Voltage, Temperature and Storage subsystems. This probe works with any Dell server with OpenManage 4.0 and above installed.

Compaq Host/RFC 1514
Monitors CPU Load for two CPUs, as well as Disk utilization, Allocation Failures and Memory Errors.

Novell GroupWise Message Transfer Agent
Monitors rates of routed and undeliverable messages (in messages per minute) on a Novell GroupWise server.

Novell GroupWise Post Office Agent
Monitors number of users connected, as well as messages and timeouts per minute, and client requests per second.

Novell Netware Volume
Monitors free space on a specified Netware volume.

IBM AIX High Availability Cluster Resource Group
Monitors the resource group for the number of resources and nodes.

IBM AIX HACMP Cluster State
Displays Cluster name, state, substate, number of nodes, and status of an IBM High Availability Cluster.

Displays the resource name and type of an IBM AIX HACMP high-availability cluster.

MeetingMaker 7.1
Tests a MeetingMaker server. It connects to the server and receives the list of calendars that are open. If the desired calendar isn't available, the device is marked as down.

SNAPServer - Single Disk
Monitors the disk space (and overall server health) of a single disk (eg. 1000 series) Quantum SNAP Server.

SNAPServer - Mirrored Disk
Monitors the disk space (and overall server health) of a dual disk (eg. 2000 series) Quantum SNAP Server configured to run as a single mirrored volume.