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Network Device Monitoring

network device monitoring

Routers. Servers. Switches. These devices formed the core of the IT network infrastructure 20 years ago. But today’s businesses leverage a larger number and variety of devices than ever before. Companies hire and acquire, necessitating more laptops, phones, and printers. Conducting global and mobile business requires video conferencing applications and tablets. Opening new office locations means adding slews of additional printers, desktop computers, and phones to the network mix.

In addition, with the explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT), companies are implementing internet-connected devices like wireless sensors and smart thermometers. Many of these devices provide critical uptime metrics. Keeping tabs on these devices may mean the difference between a successful day of production and a disaster.

The modern network encompasses a veritable buffet of devices—all of which need monitoring. For that reason, IT administrators need powerful software that can proactively monitor any and every device.

Monitor anything connected to a network

As more and more wired and wireless devices are becoming connected to the Internet, it’s necessary to monitor more than just the traditional IT infrastructure – and it’s possible. With InterMapper, any device with an IP address can be queried in real-time to provide a diagnostic update of its status. Whether you have 200 or 2,000 devices in your network, InterMapper can scale up and provide the support IT needs for healthy network performance.

Technology professionals want to collect important data from all kinds of devices. Using InterMapper, any device that supports SNMP can be queried to gain insight on particular metrics the vendor allows to be monitored. Because the software is vendor-agnostic, it can collect data from your network regardless of vendor.

Whether you’re in healthcare, telecommunications, or finance, here are some examples of the type of devices and metrics that you could monitor using InterMapper:

When it comes to monitoring, the sky’s the limit

Manage your network's performance your way—and don’t worry that it can’t be done. InterMapper comes with over 100 built-in probes to get you started monitoring common devices. Alternatively, you can design your own probes to use with InterMapper. It’s a straightforward process that starts with a text file and means you can be monitoring your equipment your way in no time.

Join your IT peers and add your custom probe to our growing library of downloadable probes. These user-contributed probes are available to the whole InterMapper community, allowing you to find probes that monitor less common devices that you can use quickly and easily. It’s a collaboration that contributes to more robust, comprehensive network monitoring for everyone.

Let the software do the device-hunting

As you add devices to your network, InterMapper grows with you. Through a process called autodiscovery, InterMapper automatically finds all the devices within your network that are IP-enabled. If the device is enabled with SNMP, InterMapper will by default assign a SNMP traffic probe for monitoring traffic on interfaces. If the device is not enabled with SNMP, a Ping/Echo probe will be assigned to monitor availability.

Then, if you add a dozen new desktops the following month, simply run the process again to automatically add all new IP-enabled devices to your network map.

Using network mapping software removes manual time spent recording IP addresses and updating maps, ensuring IT always has the most comprehensive picture of the network possible.