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InterMapper Network Monitoring, Mapping and Alerting Software

InterMapper Network Monitoring, Mapping and Alerting Software

InterMapper Commerical Licensing
InterMapper for 25 Devices
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InterMapper for 100 Devices
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InterMapper for 250 Devices
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InterMapper Maintenance
InterMapper First Year Maintenance for 25 Devices
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InterMapper First Year Maintenance for 50 Devices
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InterMapper First Year Maintenance for 100 Devices
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InterMapper First Year Maintenance for 250 Devices
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InterMapper First Year Maintenance for 500 Devices
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Comprehensive Network Monitoring, Mapping, and Alerting

InterMapper is an industrial strength monitoring, mapping and alerting tool which empowers network administratorsto maintain healthy IT environments. Having a liveview of your network enables planning of hardware, software and bandwidth requirements to maximize uptime with minimal resources. InterMapper is affordable yet fully integrated with all the features you need to improve network reliability while reducing operating costs. Its efficient, low-bandwidth polling engine can scale to test thousands of devices. Whether your network is building-wide, campus-wide or world-wide, you'll know exactly what's going on—all from wherever you are located.

InterMapper Network Monitoring, Mapping and Alerting Software


InterMapper’s efficient, low-bandwidth polling engine can scale to test thousands of devices, providing an at-a-glance, real-time view of your network. Monitor your devices, interfaces, services, applications, connections, and traffic patterns from anywhere in the world and on any mobile device. InterMapper offers the detailed information you need to address performance problems and improve the health of your network.

Real-Time Monitoring

InterMapper’s real-time monitoring capabilities help to identify hardware, software, or traffic problems on your network. Conduct real-world testing of production systems or poll the system to see the current status of your network. InterMapper also works with virtualized or cloud-based environments.

Intelligent Mapping

InterMapper’s intelligent mapping feature automatically discovers Layer 2 and Layer 3 connections and creates geographical and hierarchical views. Intelligent mapping also helps to create documentation of your network’s topography for compliance support.

Smart Alerting

InterMapper’s smart alerting features offer configurable, multi-level notifications for warning, alarm, critical, and up/down conditions. Send alerts to email, mobile phone (text/SMS), audible alerts, pagers, and run scripts. You choose the alerts that matter to you and customize threshold settings at the device or interface level to minimize background noise.

Integration with AutoMate business process automation software on the Windows platform allows you to set particular alerts to trigger commands within AutoMate. Once InterMapper has notified you of a critical issue, AutoMate then performs pre-assigned responses to prevent the failing of critical devices.

Corporate Headquarters Diagram

Valuable Information

InterMapper offers one-click charting of any data and stores historical data for trend analysis. Using InterMapper’s comprehensive, web-based reports module, you can easily view the information vital to your network’s health.

Probe Any Device

InterMapper’s built-in probes monitor critical performance statistics on common equipment. Check availability/outages, packet loss, response time, traffic, and error rates. User-created probes can collect important data for custom applications and are available for download. Customize probes to monitor anything on your network, including environmental sensors, facilities systems, industrial equipment, and more.


  • Same screen mapping and monitoring
  • Live, documented view of your network
  • Real-time, high-speed polling and alerting
  • Variable polling intervals
  • Customizable notifications
  • Runs on most platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Integration with AutoMate and Splunk
  • Fast download and install
  • Easy configuration with auto-discovery

Network Monitoring:

Maximize uptime and prevent network interruptions or outages with InterMapper. InterMapper monitors every device in your network and provides you with real-time statistics on everything from packet loss and response time to temperature, bandwidth usage, and availability.

High-Speed Network Monitoring

Independently poll every device in your network

InterMapper's lean and efficient network performance monitoring engine independently polls every device on your network. Even if one device is slow to respond, the polling process continues at high speeds. Polling is separate from graphics rendering, allowing the network monitoring process to proceed at high speed.

Designate custom polling intervals depending on the network monitoring data desired and the importance of the information you're gathering. Whether you have 20 network devices or 2,000, InterMapper's wireless device monitoring capabilities can handle the devices you have today and scale to provide equally powerful monitoring for the network as it grows and expands.

high speed network monitoring

Server Monitoring Software

Keep your servers up and running

InterMapper's server monitoring abilities continually test your servers to ensure that they are working properly. InterMapper sends queries using SNMP, TCP, HTTP, and other network protocols to the server, measures response time, and also verifies that the responses are correct. With server monitoring software like InterMapper, you can configure alerts and receive notification when the service stops operating, a response time exceeds your thresholds, or some other network health issue is detected.

Because it is a comprehensive server monitoring software solution, InterMapper's probes will monitor:

  • Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and Windows/NT Service tests
  • Host Resources MIB via SNMP
  • Exchange Server
  • Barracuda Spam Filter (and other Spam filters)
  • Integrated Processor Management Interface (IPMI)
  • Lights out management (LOM)

Windows Management Interface (WMI) probes see deep into the Windows OS to show the server’s conditions. The Host Resources probe provides a powerful view on the CPU, disk, and memory state of your server by querying the RFC 2790 MIB using SNMP v1, v2c, or v3. Windows Services ("NT Services") are monitored directly, and you can receive an alert if a particular service stops operating.

server monitoring software

Application Monitoring Software

Proactively monitor applications to ensure quality service

When InterMapper is used for application monitoring, it enables your organization to monitor and control the performance of your mission-critical software tools. Whether at a small-to medium-sized business or large enterprise, application monitoring software helps to improve the user experience by notifying you of any degradation in quality of service (QoS monitoring). Application monitoring tools let you proactively respond to slowdowns or failures of important applications.

Application monitoring software provides:

  • Faster resolution of application performance and availability issues
  • Visibility for both IT management and business stakeholders
  • QoS monitoring to enable adherence to service levels agreements (SLAs)
  • Greater organizational productivity with fewer incidents and lower time to resolution

The robust network mapping and monitoring tool uses synthetic transactions to monitor and report on your business-critical applications including:

  • Email (POP, IMAP, SMTP, message round-trip measurement)
  • Web (GET, POST, Redirect)
  • Printers and LPR
  • Videoconferencing and VoIP (IPSLA, QoS, SIP, multicast, RTSP)
  • Other applications (FTP, DNS, LDAP, SSH)

A "synthetic transaction" is a simulation of the actions that a real customer would perform to give end-to-end proof that business critical servers and services are—or are not—operating properly.

Application monitoring software

Monitoring Across Multiple Protocols

Use multiple protocols

InterMapper can monitor network performance for virtually any equipment using one of its built-in probes. View the state of a device using any protocol: SNMP, TCP, HTTP, UDP, etc. Probes gather real-time information about network performance so that network bandwidth issues can be promptly addressed.

monitoring across multiple protocols

Mobile/Web Access

Keep a close eye on your network no matter where you are

Use InterMapper's responsive web interface to ensure proactive server monitoring from near and far. Our web interface supports modern browsers on tablets and phones, which gives you the ability to acknowledge a network capacity issue directly from your device at any time.

InterMapper's mobile monitoring functionality increases the efficiency with which you can monitor your network health, allowing your team to be more responsive to network issues than ever.

mobile web access

Custom Notifiers

Create your own notifiers for custom actions

Alerts on bandwidth or network performance issues can be sent through standard mechanism such as email, text message, or sound.

Notifications can be customized to fit a network administrator’s needs. For instance, set a delay to avoid notifying for short outages or minor problems. For more major issues, you can set a repeat interval and count to be sure that the alert gets delivered.

Escalation of problems is made easy with InterMapper. If a device goes down, you can immediately alert the tech on call. You can also set a delay, and if the device remains down for that time period, you can send an alert to other people; another longer delay could even be used as belt-and-suspenders alerts to other administrators.

custome notifiers

Device Status Windows

Status windows

Status Windows give quick access to the most important information for a device. Click and hold the mouse on a device's icon or on a link to open the Status Window; the Status Window disappears when the mouse is released. For persistent viewing, Status Windows will stay open if you “tear them off” by dragging the mouse outside the window boundary.

  • Device Status Windows display static information (such as device name, IP address, sysLocation and sysContact) as well as dynamic data including response time, packet loss rate (if applicable), uptime, availability, CPU and memory utilization, temperatures, transactions per second, and other data that has been collected from the device.
  • Interface Status Windows display transmit and receive statistics, utilization rates, and the device's name, link type, description, status, and IP and MAC address.

device status windows

Network Mapping:

InterMapper provides a real-time view of your network. Visualize your network in a way that helps you monitor to meet your organization's needs.

Live Mapping with Auto-Discovery

Auto-discover your entire network

InterMapper has the power to auto-discover every device on your network, as long as it has an IP address. This ensures that every device is accounted for, and eliminates the need to manually enter device information. Automatically import devices and begin creating maps of your network in minutes, not days or weeks.

live mapping

Visual Traffic Flow

A living diagram of your network

InterMapper’s network mapping software bring your network to life, presenting real-time views of your network’s health. Color-coded icons indicate the severity level of routers, switches, servers, workstations, and more. InterMapper provides total visibility into your network status at a glance:

  • Interconnections between routers, switches, and other equipment
  • Intuitive animation depicts real-time network traffic
  • Maps can be arranged in physical, logical, or geographic layouts
  • Multiple views highlight device details, interconnections, and staff assignments
  • Map "slideshows" rotate at user-defined intervals to show NOC staff the state of all maps

Color coding shows network health

The color scheme for an icon’s status uses yellow, orange, red, and flashing red to represent warning, alarm, critical, and down states, respectively. These states are set when a probe determines that the device has exceeded a threshold. If you acknowledge the device, the icon will turn blue and stop further notification. Green indicates a normally functioning device.

Traffic statistics shown automatically

InterMapper network traffic flow monitoring retrieves traffic and error rate statistics from devices that speak SNMP. If the traffic exceeds certain thresholds, InterMapper draws animated traffic indicators (our customers call these “the ants”) on your diagram beside the links interconnecting the devices. Traffic above 50% or 90% has a yellow or orange background (a “halo”) behind the link to make high traffic easily visible.


Our network mapping software allows you to create sub-maps, which display a hierarchical view of your network. A sub-map displays detailed information about a part of your network: a geographic region, a building, the network backbone, etc. You can then make a top-level map that includes icons of all sub-maps. Features of sub-maps include:

  • Icons on top-level map to show state of most serious condition on a sub-map
  • Access to sub-maps is controlled via username and password or IP address restrictions
  • Sub-maps are accessible through direct IP connections, VPNs and through a user-selected port of a firewall
  • Sub-maps can be hosted on a remote InterMapper server, yet seen through the top-level map

Network documentation

InterMapper network traffic monitoring and reporting provides live, up-to-date documentation for your network. InterMapper’s Layer 3 auto-discovery tool determines the router interfaces on your network and makes the right connections on the map. InterMapper also continually checks for new interfaces to add to the map. Once you have a map set up, you can use it for day-to-day management, always armed with an accurate picture of the most recent state of your network to help with troubleshooting.

Google Earth integration

InterMapper displays information about your network as a layer or a place in Google Earth. The devices and links from an InterMapper map will be superimposed on the background of the Google Earth application. This makes it easy for non-technicians to view the network status with an attractive backdrop in the Google Earth window.

  • Your network equipment is represented by green, yellow, orange, or red icons
  • Links between devices are shown as lines interconnecting the equipment
  • Status windows for each of these items are displayed when you click on them
  • Each InterMapper map is represented as one of the "Places" in Google Earth

Gallery of customer maps

Our customers have provided screen shots for a number of maps to show how they’re using InterMapper.

visual traffic flow

Layer 2/3 Interconnections

Network mapping of physical connections

The Layer 2 module enables auto-discovery and connection of devices to the correct switch port. These Layer 2 links ensure your maps provide complete information about interconnections in your network. It has always been challenging to reliably document where equipment is connected to a switch given the growing use of wireless devices and VLANs. InterMapper combines information gained from Layer 2 and 3 to give you the confidence that your map is accurate.

With this powerful tool, you can:

  • Understand the impact of changes: a complete inventory of all equipment
  • Deliver detailed visibility: full awareness of equipment accessing your network
  • Generate data for compliance: respond to regulatory requirements

Features and benefits

Fully integrated with InterMapper, Layer 2 gives you a granular view of your equipment connections, enabling significant improvements in network management. Click to see the features and benefits of Layer 2 views.

Use cases

Learn how to get the most out of Layer 2. The following use cases demonstrate the value of the increased visibility available with Layer 2:

  • The maillog shows that a certain IP address is sending spam. You need to inspect that machine to see if it has a virus. Find the switch, port, MAC and vendor info for that computer. Trace it through the wiring closet to physically locate the room number, jack and device
  • You want to know how many of the IP addresses on your network belong to virtual machines. Using MAC addresses of known VM vendors (VMWare, Parallels, Xen, Microsoft, Virtual Box, etc.), list all the virtual machines on the network and where they connect
  • The network team is upgrading the hardware on the Acme Switch in the Library. List the devices that are directly connected to this switch

layer 2-3 interconnections

Hierarchical Maps

Hierarchical maps give users the ability to view the network in varying levels of detail. Create sub-maps of the network by geographic region, state, metropolitan area or LAN view.

Each sub-map offers real-time data on the status of your network, including statistics on traffic and overall health. With hierarchical maps, you can:

  • Drilldown from a high level, overview map of your network to a more localized view
  • Move between a number of map views, including country, region, state, city, metropolitan area or LAN views
  • View a real-time, living map of your multi-location network

hierarchical maps

Geographic and Physical Maps

Create a detailed view of your network

InterMapper’s geographical and physical maps integrate seamlessly with Google Maps and Google Earth, as well as digital floor plans and blueprints. Create customized maps to view your network however you like. Using geographical and physical maps, you can quickly identify the physical location of a problematic device.

With just a glance at your maps, you can determine that:

  • A problem device is connected to port 10 on the Procurve switch in the server room
  • The Access Point located on the corner of Benning Street and Main Street requires attention
  • Users in your Milwaukee office are experiencing issues with network slowdown
  • The new router you installed last week is functioning at peak efficiency

geographic and physical maps

Network Management:

Prepare for future changes and manage the health of your network by going in-depth with InterMapper. Pinpoint network congestion, analyze trends, and be alerted to potential issues before they become major problems.

64-bit Application

Prepare for the future with expanded memory space

InterMapper offers 64-bit support so you have the scalability and memory you need to monitor your entire network as it continues to grow. With this expanded memory space, customers are able to monitor more nodes and devices from a single dashboard, including niche devices or previously unsupported devices. Invest in your network's future by giving yourself room to grow with InterMapper's 64-bit capacity, increasing product performance and helping you manage and prepare for future changes.

64-bit application

Network Capacity Planning

Maximize capacity planning efforts and network performance

InterMapper's robust data collection and storage give you the power to review trends and identify issues to maximize capacity planning efforts. The collected data can help to identify a range of issues, including constant high bandwidth utilization and slow network speed, or constant IP changes by DHCP.

InterMapper allows you to easily access the data you need to maximize the efficiency and performance of your network.

network capacity planning

Historical Trend Analysis and Strip Charts

Charts, reports, SQL database

InterMapper collects data from all the equipment being monitored and compares the collected data to thresholds to alert you to new problems.

InterMapper also provides two mechanisms for viewing the data that it collects: status windows that display current operating data to help diagnose problems, or strip charts that present a graph of historical performance. Any value that InterMapper displays in a status window can be charted. Simply click an underlined value to create a new chart; drag other underlined values to add them to a chart. Charts can include:

  • Network traffic: percent utilization, error counts, packet and byte counts, etc
  • Router and server data: CPU/memory utilization, temperature, etc
  • Any data value that is collected by InterMapper

Charts can be easily scaled to present day, week, month, and year intervals.

historical trend analysis

Customizable Web-Based Analytics Reportings

Turn your network data into knowledge

In today's network centric economy, every department within your organization has a vested interest in network performance and reliability. InterMapper Reports allows the network administrator to easily disseminate critical information. Its customizable, web-based analytics make data available to all stakeholders from the convenience of their browser.

InterMapper provides a new way to explore and interact with your network data. Our network monitoring software is an efficient solution to unlock the value from all the information you are collecting.

You can:

  • Spot trends: see short and long-term patterns to diagnose your network
  • Save time and money: benefit from high quality data without data cleansing or Crystal Reports
  • Empower your team: deploy professional looking, dynamic reports which your colleagues can interact with

Features and benefits

A powerful, flexible and easy to use tool that enables sharing of data with your colleagues. Expand the table below for more information.

Use cases

Learn how to get the most out of InterMapper Reports. The following use cases demonstrate the value of your network monitoring solution throughout the organization:

Built-In Reports

Quickly create your own reports or start with our built-in reports and enhance them with your requirements:

  • Average Response Time
  • Outage History
  • Down Devices
  • Worst Devices
  • Outgoing Traffic
  • Incoming Traffic
  • Slowest Devices
  • Short-term Packet Loss

Customizable analytics reportings

Flexible Alerting and Notifications

Be alerted to the events that matter most

Long before an end-user calls to say, “The network is down,” you want to know about problems. With InterMapper, it’s easy to do this.

InterMapper network monitoring software has extremely flexible alert and notification options so that you always stay abreast of the current state of problems.

These capabilities include:

  • Alerts at the device or interface level
  • The ability to apply threshold settings from the parent level
  • A wide-variety of alerting methods — sounds, email messages, pages, text messages to cell phones via SMS, SNMP traps sent to selected receivers,
  • pop-up messages, syslogs, and more
  • Notification schedules (e.g. time of day, weekend only, etc.)
  • Assign alerts to various individuals or groups
  • Time delays minimize “nuisance” alarms
  • Powerful escalation options help track unresolved issues
  • Automatic dependencies suppress alerts for devices "behind" a failed router or switch
  • Build your own alerts by creating scripts that provoke action in response to failure

Every time InterMapper tests a device, it collects operational statistics. This information includes response time, packet loss, and other values specific to that probe. If any of those values exceed a threshold, the device, link, or port's severity changes from OK to warning, alarm, critical or down status.

Alerts can be triggered whenever a device or interface changes status, and each status can have its own set of notifications. These notifications can be assigned person-by-person to accommodate individual responsibilities or schedule shifts, or to groups of individuals who all need to be notified of problems.

flexible alerting and notifications

Condition Acknowledgements

Stay up-to-date on network activity

InterMapper also supports the ability to acknowledge a condition. This allows a technician to indicate that the problem is being worked on.

Acknowledging a device or interface will:

  • Silence any further alerts that would otherwise be sent for the device or interface
  • Allow you to enter a comment that is logged and appears in the Status window
  • Turn its icon blue and display a clock icon, indicating that it’s being worked on

When things are "normal," all icons are green. When an icon is having trouble, but being worked on, it is blue. Any yellow, orange, or red icons indicate new problems waiting to be acknowledged.

condition acknowledgements

Pinpoint Network Congestion

Visually identify obstructions and bottlenecks

InterMapper provides you with the power needed to easily identify congestion and chart the issue for trending information.

Charting data can be invaluable in determining if the issue is:

  • A short term obstruction, or a long term problem
  • Causing packet loss or latency
  • A result of excessive traffic
  • Causing slowdowns

pinpoint network congestion

Import and Export Network Data

Send and receive map data to other servers

InterMapper allows you to import and export data via an HTTP API.

Data formats include:

  • XML
  • HTML
  • CSV
  • Tab-delimited files

import and export network data

System Requirements:

InterMapper Platforms/Operating Systems

  • Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10/Vista/XP and Windows Server 2012/2008
  • Mac OS X 10.5 and newer
  • Linux distributions*: Red Hat, SuSE, Ubuntu, and others


InterMapper Commerical Licensing
InterMapper for 25 Devices
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InterMapper for 50 Devices
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InterMapper for 100 Devices
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InterMapper for 250 Devices
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InterMapper for 500 Devices
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InterMapper Maintenance
InterMapper First Year Maintenance for 25 Devices
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InterMapper First Year Maintenance for 50 Devices
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InterMapper First Year Maintenance for 100 Devices
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InterMapper First Year Maintenance for 250 Devices
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InterMapper First Year Maintenance for 500 Devices
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InterMapper - Additional Licenses
InterMapper Flows
As an add-on to InterMapper's core features, InterMapper Flows offers a real-time look into your network's traffic, bandwidth usages, and capacity
*Requires the purchase of an InterMapper base license.
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InterMapper Remote Access
InterMapper RemoteAccess offers remote network management from any location.
*Requires the purchase of an InterMapper base license.
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