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InterMapper App for Splunk Enterprise
Monitor Network Hardware and Bandwidth Utilization within Splunk


Are you a Splunk user? If you need proactive network monitoring and visual mapping, InterMapper will give you real-time knowledge of your network, affordably and with seamless integration into Splunk. InterMapper maps and monitors your network hardware, software, and bandwidth, with a high-performance polling engine able to test thousands of devices. The alerting tool allows you to set alarms and escalation procedures on your own terms. In addition, the at-a-glance maps generate both broad overviews of your network status and detailed analytics, so that you have the power to proactively detect and solve network issues, easily and efficiently, before they impact users.

Integrating InterMapper and Splunk

Traditionally, network mapping and network machine data analysis have been provided by separate applications. InterMapper has developed an InterMapper App for Splunk Enterprise that combines these two essential network diagnostic tools, giving you real-time mapping, notifications, and probing capabilities that provide a view of all the data available from network devices and complete visibility into the IT infrastructure.

What Splunk Gains from InterMapper

Splunk Enterprise is the platform for machine data. It’s the easy, fast, and resilient way to collect, analyze, and secure the massive streams of machine data generated by IT systems and technology infrastructure. InterMapper maximizes the value of that data by providing an external assessment of your network. InterMapper tests devices and sends notifications to Splunk, allowing you to prevent problems before they occur and plan future projects.

Whether deployed for diagnostics, troubleshooting, compliance, capacity planning, or security, InterMapper has the power, flexibility, ease-of-use, and affordability that network administrators need to maintain a healthy network.


  • Real-time polling
  • At-a-glance views of real-time conditions, including Layer-2 physical connection(s)
  • InterMapper data correlation with other machine data for root-cause analysis
  • Provides a single set of permissions
  • Works alongside, not in place of, current system monitoring
  • Minimizes impact on product environment—does not slow down devices
  • Saves time and money by reducing issues and downtime

System Requirements:

The free InterMapper App for Splunk requires a licensed version of InterMapper.

  • Windows 7/8, Windows Server 2012/2008/2003, and Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Mac OS X 10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10
  • Linux distributions: Red Hat 5/6/7, Ubuntu 10.04/12.04/14.04, Debian 6/7, SuSE 11
  • Solaris 10/11 on SPARC or x64


Download the InterMapper App for Splunk Enterprise Datasheet (PDF).