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InterMapper RemoteAccess
Access InterMapper Network Information from Anywhere

InterMapper RemoteAccess

InterMapper Products
InterMapper RemoteAccess
InterMapper RemoteAccess
InterMapper RemoteAccess offers remote network management from any location.
*Requires the purchase of an InterMapper base license.
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Intermapper RemoteAccess extends the reach of InterMapper by giving you and your staff access to maps, submaps, and configuration options, regardless of your location.

Real-Time Views and Detailed Information

InterMapper RemoteAccess connects to the InterMapper server in your data center and displays real-time views of the network. Monitor the status of routers, switches, servers, and other networking equipment remotely. Identify problems at a glance and take action before users are impacted.

Control and Configure Maps

InterMapper RemoteAccess gives you the power to configure every aspect of your InterMapper server. Create maps and submaps, set or acknowledge alerts, or view maps and reports from anywhere in the world.

Cross-Platform Support

InterMapper RemoteAccess runs on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, and popular Linux distributions.

Secure Access

InterMapper RemoteAccess connects to your InterMapper server securely, through firewalls. All data is encrypted with SSL protocols. Username/password or network address authentication provides access on a map-by-map basis.

InterMapper RemoteAccess RMM Tool

RemoteAccess Monitoring Software for Scalability and Flexibility Across Diverse Networks

In today’s business climate, remote server monitoring is crucial to maintaining a secure, reliable network. In order to succeed, organizations need to allow for remote access so their infrastructure remains intact regardless of where employees are located.

Luckily, our remote monitoring software allows you to access InterMapper from any location, letting you keep a close eye on your network no matter where you are.

SNMP and ping probes discover and query elements across your distributed network—whether it spans several rooms, a building, an office park, or distributed locations. Synthetic transactions test critical applications and alert you to email, web, or directory server problems.

InterMapper RemoteAccess can handle multiple copies of InterMapper simultaneously, making it an ideal choice for organizations with multi-location sites, consultants who monitor client sites, and Managed Service Providers. Dynamic data displays replace static browser windows, negating the need to continually refresh for updates.

With our accessibly yet secure RMM software, monitoring remote servers is easy.

Remotely Manage Your Network from Any Platform

Some remote monitoring and management tools box you in to a single platform, limiting you to solely Windows or Mac-based deployment; not InterMapper RemoteAccess.

cross-platform app

With our remote server monitoring, you can remotely manage your network from any platform, be it Windows, Mac, or Linux. Like InterMapper, InterMapper RemoteAccess is easy to set up and install on whichever platform you choose, allowing you to get to work monitoring your network in minutes.

The flexibility of remote monitoring and management combined with its cross-platform capabilities make InterMapper RemoteAccess a truly versatile RMM software designed to make the life of an IT professional easier.

Easy Remote Management

InterMapper’s RMM software lets you configure every aspect of your InterMapper server; you can create maps, set and acknowledge alarms, and even view reports. Unlike other remote monitoring tools, RemoteAccess employs its own interface instead of relying on a browser, which creates dynamic data display—no more refreshing to see if your network has changed.

With InterMapper RemoteAccess you can:

  • View and create maps
  • Open reports and status windows
  • Drill down to submaps
  • Configure InterMapper servers
  • Acknowledge alerts

easy remote management

You can also rest assured that your remote access will remain secure by requiring usernames and passwords or network address authentication permission on a map-by-map basis. Our secure yet accessible RMM platform is ideal for distributed networks with important devices spread across a variety of locations.

Free up your IT department to focus on more strategic tasks and allow admins to monitor your network from anywhere. With RemoteAccess, managing a healthy network from anywhere—even on the go—is no longer a fantasy.

Map-Level Authorization

Allowing employees to access your network remotely brings with it some security concerns. After all, if your infrastructure is left open or too easily accessible, it becomes susceptible to security threats or data breaches.

map level authorization

Put your fears to rest with our remote monitoring software. InterMapper RemoteAccess gives your team access to maps, submaps, and configuration options no matter where they are—however, that access is under constant lock and key. Users must enter a username and password or network address authorization. You can set authorization on a map-by-map basis, so your staff only has access to the specific information they may need to see.

Ensure your network stays accessibly yet secure with our remote monitoring software that allows you to set map-by-map permissions.


  • Remotely access InterMapper maps, submaps, and configuration options
  • Access real-time views of network status
  • View detailed device information
  • Spot network problems at a glance
  • Configure every aspect of your InterMapper server

System Requirements:

InterMapper RemoteAccess is an add-on to InterMapper. You must have an installed, active InterMapper server.

  • Windows 7/Windows 8/Vista/XP and Windows Server 2012/2008/2003
  • Mac OS X 10.5 and newer
  • Linux distributions, including Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu, and others


Download the InterMapper RemoteAccess Datasheet (PDF).


InterMapper Products
InterMapper RemoteAccess
InterMapper RemoteAccess
InterMapper RemoteAccess offers remote network management from any location.
*Requires the purchase of an InterMapper base license.
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