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Gain Insight Into the Health of Your Network with InterMapper

When medical records, insurance documents, and intake forms need to be processed in a timely manner to keep operations running smoothly, there is no room for network error or malfunction. A healthy network environment is critical to several everyday healthcare functions, such as:

When people’s lives are at stake, it’s more critical than ever that your technology functions the way it was intended. In a hospital environment, for example, it is essential to use software that can diagnose network health and alert your network administrator of pending issues before they impact users and potentially slow the process of patient care.

Healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies count on InterMapper, a comprehensive network monitoring, mapping, and alerting software, to monitor and troubleshoot their networks. InterMapper can alert administrators to potential issues before they cause slowdowns or outages, which can result in the loss of medical records or important patient information.

With InterMapper, you can use probes to monitor for specific thresholds—everything from response time to temperature—to ensure your equipment never fails and your patient’s medical records are protected. A 24/7 view into the health of your network with InterMapper allows you to ensure patient care is seamless.

Another benefit to deploying InterMapper in the healthcare sector is HIPAA compliance. HIPAA is an important compliance mandate in the healthcare industry and InterMapper has the tools necessary to efficiently meet these requirements.