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Government and Defense Industries

Government and Defense Industries

Monitoring Software Powerful Enough to Withstand the Rigors of Government Work

Data breaches or cyber-attacks from hackers have no place in government. Stay one step ahead of potential threats or outages with InterMapper, a comprehensive network monitoring, mapping, and alerting software.

Government agencies and contractors across the globe rely on InterMapper to help them take a proactive approach to monitoring their network. Our software works to constantly monitor each device in your network and alert you when thresholds are exceeded or possible problems start to form.

Whether there is a need to monitor cyber-attacks from a network operations center, weapons system in the field, or a national education department, InterMapper has the mapping, monitoring, and alerting capabilities to keep you one step ahead of threats and outages.

Some of our high-profile customers include:

Local government agencies also rely on InterMapper to help ensure smooth daily operations and uptime for services and critical devices:

"I still love Intermapper. I have used it at various jobs … It still does the best job I have seen of allowing me to lay out and map and manage all the various devices. I have started letting non-IT staff look at the web page so they can see and understand how complex my network is."

- Andy Flagge, Network Administrator for Cerro Gordo County

InterMapper can also help to meet NISPOM/FISMA regulations, keeping your agency compliant and your network healthy. Public sector organizations across the globe appreciate InterMapper’s ease of use, quick deployment, flexibility, functionality, and license sizing.

We are proud to offer special discounted pricing to government agencies.