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Helping Educational Institutions Keep Their Networks Secure

With large campus networks and extensive use by bandwidth-hungry students, the network administrator for an educational institution needs a tool to pinpoint the source of slowdowns and ensure that bandwidth is being properly used. Having been developed at Dartmouth College in 2000, InterMapper was made for the education sector, offering a rich feature set and cost-effectiveness that suites schools of any size.

Whether for the K-12 or the college/university market, InterMapper is the leading provider of network monitoring software for the education industry. Educational institutions across the globe trust our comprehensive network monitoring software to quickly and easily maximize uptime and identify potential problems before they cause outages. Such outages can be costly and time-consuming to locate, especially when a campus spans mile after mile.

In addition, the increasing use of online classes means a possible outage could be devastating. Medical students and faculty often rely on advanced video-conference lectures, where the network connection can’t afford the occasional or frequent glitch.

“The feature set that InterMapper provides is the one most universities require in a network monitoring tool. Classes have to be available—it would be a disaster to lose a connection. It’s the only monitoring tool we use.”
- Dennis O'Reilly, Senior Network Analyst for the University of British Columbia

Proactively manage the health of your network—no matter how much area it spans—with a comprehensive network monitoring software like InterMapper.

We are proud to offer special discounted pricing to educational institutions.